Our plans are the easiest to manage

There's none! All hands free hosting plans are fully managed, with the most stable up-to-date linux technologies. All plans are setup within one business day, and come with a full 30 day no-obligation 100% money back guarantee.




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All plans also come with

  • webmail ( mydomain.com/webmail )
  • unlimited subdomains!
  • unlimited databases!
  • FTP
  • spam filtering software
  • 99.999% uptime
  • PHP 5.2.5
  • MySQL 5 with PHPMyAdmin
  • CPanel 11, with Web 2.0 styles!

Managed Hosting

  • Hands Free Hosting will create all email accounts and FTP accounts at your request
  • We will point your domains to our server at your request
  • Automatic weekly backups for your data
  • Adding custom PHP or Apache modules *

* - where applicable and based on our approval

Why Hands Free Hosting

“All plans are run on an 8 Core XEON machine”

All our plans run on a dedicated Virtual Private Server. Think of it as a small server on a much larger server. The VPS gives us dedicated CPU cycles, dedicated RAM, guaranteed storage space, and burstable bandwidth. How is this different from regular web hosts?

Most shared hosts cram thousands upon thousands of websites on small servers. They do not guarantee CPU cycles, RAM or even storage space simply because they can't. Try filling up your 2500GB host and see what happens. And with all these users on one server, upgrading software is very difficult and customizing Apache or PHP with the latest modules is impossible.

With Hands Free Hosting we have the latest stable versions of our software because we keep the volume low and uptime high. Our servers are up 100% of the time, and provide blazing fast performance. We can add new software as required, and keep updating our software regularly, so you can use the latest open source tools available.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) Do these hosting plans come with 10 - 20 domains ?

No. Plans do not come with a domain name. When we say "20 parked domains. 20 addon domains" it means the hosting account allows you to have upto 20 parked domains (i.e : 20 domains pointing to the same site) and 20 addon domains (i.e : 20 domains pointing to subdirectories of the site)

Q) How do i access my webmail ?

Go to the following URL : http://mydomain.com/webmail/ . Login with your email and password. Thats it!

Q) Does the storage space include email storage ?

Yes. Ex: when a plan says 8GB, you are guaranteed 8GB. That space will be utilized to store your files, emails and databases. If you would like to save space, download your messages from the server. There is usually an option in your email client.

Q) What do you really mean by "managed hosting" ?

Most hosting providers provide "self-managed" accounts. Which means they will give you a login and password and you are responsible from then on for the server. You will need to be competent at managing servers.

With "managed" hosting, we do the legwork for you. Hence the name :)

Q) Will you provide me with details to access my server ?

Yes ofcourse! We will provide you with the login credentials to your server. If you feel the need to tinker with the system, you can!

Q) What do i do if i want to point a domain to my server ?

Our nameservers are :

  • ns1.ndchost.com and
  • ns2.ndchost.com

Send us a mail at hosting [at] aidezigns [dot] com so we can add it to our servers as well. Or just email us with the relevant details, and we will do it for you!.

Q) If i take a monthly recurring plan, is there a setup fee ?

No. There are no setup fees for all the plans offered at the moment.

Q) Help! I need support. How do i get help ?

We provide email support at hosting [ the "at" symbol ] aidezigns [dot] com

Q) Can i upgrade my account any time i want ?

Yes, at any time. If you are buying yearly we will charge you the difference of the remaining months. If you are paying monthly, the next month's billing will reflect the new price. Send us an email with the subject line "Upgrade my account " to hosting [ the "at" symbol ] aidezigns [dot] com